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Fast Spin Washer Extractor (Hard Mount)1.The washers are manufactured in stainless steel tub, drum, top, front and side panels, which gives better...


Fast Spin Washer Extractor (Hard Mount)
1.The washers are manufactured in stainless steel tub, drum, top, front and side panels, which gives better elegant look and provides better quality.
2.The washer is equipped with heavy duty frame and bearings, durable bearing housing, spider and shaft to reduce wear and tear greatly.
3.The washer has automatic water mixer, which means mixing hot and cold water to a precise temperature with the programmed water level, save energy and reduce wash cycle time.
4.Advanced inverter drive system and special heavy duty motor are used to provide smooth and reliable performance.
5.It has better balance control system to ensure smooth running and reduce wash time and save energy.
6.It has upfront soap box and detergent inlets to connect dosing system for easier access and use.
7.High spinning speed can reach to 140G-factor that removes more water to reduce drying time and save energy, quiet performance to reduce sound and vibration levels.
8.Double safety door lock system ensures safe operation and minimizes the risk of accidents.
9.Multiple language options is easier for a common user.
10.Touch screen and button type controller are both available for customer choice.
11.Self-developed software App and remote control system is more convenient for self-service laundry owner and user.


Item             Model  
Drum diameter mm 650 650
Drum depth mm 410 540
Volume  L 132 179
Loading Capacity kg 15 20
Washig speed rpm 32 32
Mediate speed rpm 420 420
High extracting rpm 700 700
200 200
Height center to floor mm 647 647
Height bottom to floor mm 367 367
Diameter mm 400 400
Motor power kw 1.5 1.85
Heating (Electric model) kw 8 12
Water inlet (inch) 3/4 3/4
Drain diameter (inch) 3 3
Floor to center of drain mm 98 98
Width mm 805 805
Depth mm 955 1102
Height mm 1280 1290
Net Weight kg 250 261

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